Energy Reduction Plan


Lichtvormgevers can assist you - by innovating your light system - in reducing your energy consumption, your operational costs and your CO2-emissions. At the same time the quality of light and ease of use can be improved greatly. The reliability of your light system can be improved and your total system will comply to the new regulations. This all can be achieved without raising your current budget.


We guide our relations in getting insights in their energy consumption, advise in ways to save costs and which measures are needed to optimize your energy consumption. Next to this we can supply you with the right equipment or innovate your current light system. We can also assist in the installment of the light system, to achieve the desired end result.


Being a light expert we are able to suggest the optimal improvements that result in lowering your energy consumption, operating costs and environmental impact. Being an innovation partner of Philips we already have realized multiple projects in which the latest and most innovative instruments of Philips are used. This way you always get the most current, efficient and effective solutions, with the results being funded out of the saving you make with the Energy Reduction Plan.