Accessibility on event Ruimte & Licht


Accessibility was the focal point on June 6, 2024 at the event stand at Ruimte & Licht of Koninklijke Visio and the Lichtontwerpatelier of OVLNL. Through a VR headset, experts working on a functional public space could experience the world through the eyes of a visually impaired individual. This experience enhances awareness of how design and good lighting can benefit people with visual impairments. It is estimated that there are 750,000 people in the Netherlands who face significant challenges navigating through public spaces independently in the dark, with an additional 2 million individuals who struggle with this (CROW, 2022).


The 3 pillars of Visio

Light: creating or controlling light sources to perceive the world effectively
Distinction: making individual elements visible, tangible, or audible
Logic: simplifying and ensuring safe navigation from point A to point B


Omgevingsgericht Lichtontwerp Handbook
The Omgevingsgericht Lichtontwerp (OGLO) handbook, set to be released in September by OVLNL, addresses this crucial aspect. Blindly following guidelines in modern planning can lead to issues such as excessive energy consumption, light pollution, and lack of accessibility for seniors and visually impaired individuals.

Improving the accessibility and safety of public spaces is essential as it is a fundamental right for everyone. With a growing population of people with visual impairments, it is vital to pay attention to this. Collaboration between landscape design, urban planning, and lighting design can enhance accessibility without simply adding more light. Better accessibility for visually impaired individuals and other vulnerable groups also helps reduce additional motorized traffic, such as short taxi rides, indirectly contributing to sustainable transportation.


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