Lichtvormgevers is an independent organization; successful in the development and realization of lighting projects and products, first and foremost for the wellbeing of people.

Every day we work with passion on complex and innovative lighting concepts that contribute to the quality of life and drawn for a better world. Our many years of project experience, accumulated knowledge of light and mankind, and contacts with the innovative industry lay the foundation for valuable and remarkable results.


The organization is led by Joannes Melis and Filip van der Heijden. John Melis focuses on psychonomic- and design issues. Filip van der Heijden is specialized in lighting design and directing projects.


We know what light does to people, designing customized solutions and guidance to the end result. Through intensive collaboration within project teams and with clients, we can strengthen the integrated design and project realization and we strive for an end result that meets to (or even surpasses) the expectations. 


Lichtvormgevers has a small team, a flat, simple organizational structure with short lines to a flexible layer. Therefor we're manoeuvrable, we can respond flexibly and quickly to questions and we can keep costs in control.


We are an organization with a Dutch mentality. We are looking for challenge, are decisive, inventive and effective, keeping short lines of communication open and enjoy working together. We do what we say and we say what we do.


Lichtvormgevers focuses on projects in public indoor and outdoor spaces, utility, museums and retail. Within these industries we have extensive track record. The core of our activities is in the Netherlands, but we have realized many projects carried out abroad, e.g. in Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Luxembourg and outside of Europe.

Our team


Joannes Melis

Deals in particular with concept design of environments and lighting instruments. He specializes in psychonomics.


Filip van der Heijden

Deals in particular with lighting concepts of environments and directing projects.


Jeanine Jongen
As an office manager Jeanine is responsible for the (financial) administration, project administration and marketing.


Pieter Melis
Product designer: supports the development of concepts, fixtures and their engineering.  


Niels van der Veen
Has studied embedded systems at the TU Delft and is primarily responsible for soft- and hardware development and 3D visualisations.


Anita van de Ven

Is as a graphic designer mainly involved in shaping the identity and presentations.


Roel Borst

Was construction manager for Hema and MS Mode. From his (retail) experience in projects he is involved in the relation management.


Bernard Reuser 



Vision and mission


We live in a world where people increasingly attach importance to the quality of life. Demand is growing for products and services that are better tailored to the needs of individuals.

With products and services that can change at any time, easy to operate, or even automatically adjust to the needs of the moment, we can create more livable environments. There is a need for affordable and sustainable products and services that have a minimal impact on our planet.


Lichtvormgevers acts on her way to deliver products and services that provide livable environments that are user-friendly, which are beautiful and are effective and sustainable.

Lichtvormgevers contributes to a better world by always working to improve efficient, beautiful and easy to use products that have a minimal impact on our planet.


The materials used are durable. We use materials that minimize contribution of our world. Energy and maintenance as low as possible. But the fixtures we have developed are almost completely cradle to cradle. Once the fixtures are depreciated economically, they can go back to Lichtvormgevers and we ensure responsible recycling. Lichtvormgevers can achieve this by applying advanced techniques as a means of facilitating sophisticated lighting concepts. Through our close connections with the industry, we are in each case in a position to apply the latest innovations in order to connect the light even better to the need. In this way we are able to facilitate with light the functionality, quality of life, safety and above all improve the experience of users with affordable and socially responsible solutions exceed the expectations of the final results on all fronts.


Lichtvormgevers is a light director with years of experience in all facets of a light project. This gives us the ability to be a guide and bring clients throughout the project to the end result. But we may also be asked to work out partial solutions and through our experience we are able to empathize in the role of the other team members.


Lichtvormgevers develops lighting concepts but also developing innovative products that can be built and tested in our own prototype workshop. So we are thinkers and creators. Lichtvormgevers works with innovative partners. We are innovation partner of renowned high-tech industry such as Philips and Valmont, but also from knowledge institutions like TU Eindhoven, Avans Univerity and School of the Arts in Utrecht. We know how to increase our knowledge constantly and how to integrate this directly into our lighting projects.



Under our direction, the lighting projects are guided to the desired end result. Our method consists of 6 steps.


We inventory the user groups, the function of the space, the identity of the
organization, design of the architect and the possibilities of the space.
We define the light vision that forms the framework of the lighting design.
In the light strategy we visualize the light image in which all forms of light are approached integrally.
We make a preliminary lighting design in which we specify the principles of design and lighting properties.
In the final light design we specify the final positions and we prepare a program of requirements with examples for the light instruments.
If desired, we guide and direct the project team from design to completion, so that the end result meets expectations.