Lichtvormgevers developes, commissioned by the city of Leeuwarden, a unique façade luminaire


As part of the illumination of monumental facades in Leeuwarden, Lichtvormgevers has an order to develop a fixture that functions optimally for illuminating facades.


In the brief, the following points were decisive:

  • Optimal color reproduction and efficiency
  • minimal light pollution 

Research showed that when using an indirect optic, light pollution in homes above shops can be pushed back as much as possible and the light can optimally be projected and spread on the façade (as little as possible scatter in the air). In an indirect optic all the light from the LED shines via a reflector and it is impossible to look directly into the LED light source.


On the end the conclusion was that no manufacturer could be found who could optimally fulfill these requirements. Lichtvormgevers has developed an indirect optic with minimal glare and achieves an efficiency of over 75%. The expectation is that the optic will by ready for the summer of 2015. This creates an optimized light instrument for the illumination of façades.