Hotel New York


Catering, Urban and Iconic
Lichtvormgevers made a lighting design for Hotel New York, in which the catering function, the urban environment and the iconic design come into their own.
Between the ground floor and the upper floors, the light image also draws a distinction between the urban nightlife on the street and the iconic landmark for the surroundings.

Hotel New York and many stories
Hotel New York consists not only of its rich historical past but also of the everyday stories of the Rotterdammers; porters and sailors, the passers-by from the past and the enterprising Rotterdammers in the Kop van Zuid and today's guests. Hundreds of stories of hope, faith, love and desire, blood, sweat and tears; they cried, laughed, fought and loved, ate and drank. In short, there has been lived and it is alive and well.
The lighting design by Lichtvormgevers will not only make the identity of Hotel New York visible to the city, but will also support the surrounding area and ensure that it is already tangible as soon as you approach the building. In addition to making this iconic building visible, it is mainly about providing the right experience to the people in this special, urban, vibrant environment.

Making the Hotel and its surroundings visible
The light vision takes into account the building, its surroundings and the people who live there, elements that are inextricably linked to each other. By integrating the public space around the building into the lighting design, we enhance the experience of the visitors. The grand, rich, lively feeling you have inside will also be generated outside in your own way.

The right light image every moment after sunset
As the surroundings around Hotel New York change function during the evening and night, various lighting scenarios can be created. These scenarios are tailored to the period during the restaurant's opening hours and after the closing time of the nightlife. The light image can also be adjusted if parties are held in the rooms. When entering another time zone, it is not enough to dim all the fixtures to, for example, 50%. For each time zone we can determine the light intensity that all luminaires must have in order to be able to make a balanced light composition at that moment.