Waterbusplein Hendrik Ido Ambacht


Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, but the Noordkade in particular, has historically been characterized by coarse maritime industry. Everything here is bigger and coarser than in the 'normal' world. So big and coarse that it easily impresses and possibly frightens. In the new environment, we want to retain these imposing/impressive impressions but inflect them in such a way that despite this grandeur, we feel comfortable and want to stay and recreate in the area. The environment remains grand and impressive, but becomes clean and more predictable.


The residential part of the square will be inviting, festive, vibrant and grandly lit at night without being garish. The special historical and stylish quality is supported by the architecture, maritime objects, choice of materials and water. The artificial lighting will maintain and even enhance this atmosphere in the evening.