The Traveling Exhibition of King Fahd


With great pleasure and dedication Lichtvormgevers was able to contribute to the beautiful exhibition of King Fahd in Riyadh. A traveling exhibition that, in the coming two years, will be visible in four different locations in Saoudi-Arabia.


In this project the team of Lichtvormgevers could use all their competencies and therefor this project is a great example to show how and why Lichtvormgevers can contribute to a successful end result. Being the lighting director in the project the team needed to invoke on experience, dare and creativity and realize the project in six weeks, from design to completion in Riyadh.


The Role of Lichtvormgevers

Based upon the lay-out of the exhibition Lichtvormgevers developed the lighting concept. To make this concept successful, Lichtvormgevers designed and engineered new lighting instruments in which the latest LED techniques are used with a dimming function to 1%. This ensures an optimal tuning of the light in the exhibition. Accessories are used to create different beam angles, the shaping of the light and to minimize the glare of the fixtures. The light instruments are produced under control and directions of Lichtvormgevers.


In Riyadh, the first exhibition-place, Lichtvormgevers made the scenes based upon the lighting plan. Being the director all the fixtures were precisely aimed and dimmed to the right level to create a naturally exhibition. The end result is overwhelming and exceeded the expectations of the client.


Theme of the Exhibition

The exhibitions tells the story of King Fadh (1921 - 2005), son of Abdul Aziz Saoed, founder of Saoudi-Arabia. The exhibition carries the name "The Spirit of Leadership".

King Fahd had great influence for his country, the region and for the peace in the world. He started many universities, formed the beginning of the parlement and had a decisive role in many wars in the region.