Station Moerwijk


Moerwijk station gets new light
In close cooperation with LICHTNL and Strukton, Lichtvormgevers made a lighting design. ProRail's replacement action will reduce operating costs. Various variants show that the same investment and energy consumption can be used to do better justice to the architecture. Sustainability, aesthetics and architecture go hand in hand.



The picture of the current situation shows that the luminaires shine through the transparent orange plastic. This results in undesired brightnesses and a lot of light pollution in the environment. The improved proposal from the lighting design provides luminaires in the ridge of the roof, so that the light shines down and hardly goes outside. The light stretches in an almost equal beam angle along the roof and in the room, so that practically all the light is used functionally and the orange houses light up like a lantern.

Picture existing situation
Oprions in schedule
Basic proposal ProRail
Improved proposal from light design