Lichtvormgevers created a lighting design that addresses the improvement of the evening scene. In the evening a whole new experience of the environment is created and people are (again) surprised.
The light is approached integrally. The port has been viewed from its function in a broader context and from the relationship of light in the environment. Points for attention are architecture, infrastructure, use and impact. We not only accentuate the characteristic architecture, but build an evening scene with all forms of light (public lighting, illumination).

The distinctive architecture is accentuated after sunset to enhance recognisability.
We have an eye for the various subareas, such as the cruise port section, the harbor with historic ships, the quay wall and Oostvaardersdijk and Schoonzicht. These get their own light image and together form a whole.
The light in the port determines how we see and experience the port. During the day we see the port as the architect intended. With artificial light we will ensure that people feel welcome, feel comfortable and safe and can find their way.
Although this recreational area requires cosiness and exuberance after sunset, we realize that we are in a natural environment. This requires an approach whereby nature is respected at night.
These objectives form the starting points for our lighting design.