Breda, expansion of the city center


The municipality of Breda is seeing an increase in the use of its city center. More and more residents, workers, and visitors are utilizing the public space. By transforming the flanks around the city center, the downtown area is expanding.


On the west side lies the Nieuwe Mark, the river that brought prosperity to Breda. By making the river navigable again and greening the surroundings, a beautiful and pleasant living and staying environment is created.

The first part of the transformation has already been completed, and the beauty of history and design is becoming more visible.


Lichtvormgevers created the Contextual Light Design (OGLO) on behalf of the municipality. OGLO is the lighting design methodology that best aligns with the modern planning process. It is based on the goals set by the municipality for the area: enhancing stay, quality of life, and image quality, being nature-inclusive, showcasing the history, and connecting the harbor to the south side of the city center.


Lichtvormgevers first developed a lighting vision, essentially the Program of Requirements for light that best fits the design and use of the area. They then worked on lighting designs for specific areas.

The first specific area is the area along the Nieuwe Mark. Here, you can find the low quay where boats can dock, and people can stay. The artificial light ensures that the quay wall remains visible and everyone feels safe even after sunset.


The BRICKbeam

Lichtvormgevers designed on behalf of the municipality a fixture designed in the shape of a stone to seamlessly blend into the architecture of the quay wall. It illuminates the quay wall, ensuring visibility in the evenings and making faces easily visible, thereby enhancing the sense of security. The fixture is vandal-resistant (IK>10) and waterproof (IP68), ensuring it continues to function even when submerged in high water levels.


The LEAFbeamLichtvormgevers designed on behalf of the municipality a compact and slender fixture attached to the mast like a leaf on a branch. This fixture can precisely illuminate the surroundings, focusing light only where needed to minimize light pollution for residents and wildlife.