City-center of Brielle


The Government of Brielle has formed a policy for upgrading the city center. Part of this project was the illumination of 2 important historical buildings on De Markt; the 'Hoofdwacht' and the 'Oude Stadhuis' and new road-lighting for the Turfkade that suited this area the best.


Hoofdwacht and Oude Stadhuis

Together these buildings form the perimeter of the square; De Markt. By illuminating these buildings the ambiance on the square is greatly improved and the beautiful identity of both buildings is kept visible after sunset.



Commissioned by the Government Lichtvormgevers developed a lighting vision in which a historical street lantern, equipped with a modern lighting technique, is used for the Turfkade. The historical street lanterns suit the city-center and thus the Turfkade best. An important feature of the lighting technique was the minimization of glare. Historical lanterns enhance the identity of a city area during daylight, but more than often the poor lighting technique of these lanterns degrade the ambiance in the city after sunset. This is due to the poor lighting technique that causes huge glare. Glare diminishes the feeling of safety and wellbeing of residents and visitors.

The specially developed optic inside the lantern, in the shape of a butterfly, creates a safe and comfortable light level on the street and at the same time illuminates the facades on the side of the street which enhances the ambiance. The gold-like finishing of the optics resembles the gas-lighting that was used in the past and emphasizes the special authentic ambiance of the city of Brielle after sunset.