Frieslandbank hoofdkantoor; monumentally old and new


The Frieslandbank

The head office of the Frieslandbank (taken over by the Rabobank) is situated in the hart of the historical center of Leeuwarden. The expansion of the head office united 3 existing buildings and a newly designed office wing into one coherent building. A big atrium and a transparant dome create a great overview and spaciousness from the inside and provide the complex with an identity and recognition in the city. The design is realized within extreme complex urban and engineering conditions. The building space was very limited and on top of that the bank was open as usual during the build.


The light

Lichtvormgevers designed and realized a lighting concept that seamless integrates in the architecture. Everywhere the transparency of the space is respected. This ensures a clear surrounding in which people are comfortable. Architectonic elements are accentuated with light to experience the monumental qualities of the building.

Taylor-made solutions were implemented where needed to make the light system a natural part of the complex. The lighting supports the identity of the bank, being; trustworthy, regional, solid, personal, robust and of ours.