Het Baken; Optimal wellbeing in a working environment


"Het Baken" is one of the most remarkable office buildings in The Netherlands. It is a hyper modern, fully functional office building with a very stylish and designed interior. Inside the building there is an art collection that would fit any museum in the world. The building speaks art and design and is an eye-catcher in it's surrounding. Next to all the build-in functionalities the building has an identity. "Het Baken" doesn't only have a hart and soul, it also has it's own personality.


The Lighting

The lighting inside and outside the building contributes to the wellbeing of the employees and visitors. Everywhere in the building one feels comfortable and fit for work. In every room the lighting can be dimmed to the specific need at any time. And is perfectly designed to fit the architecture and interior of the building.


The building incorporates the most up-to-date and innovative lighting system. The light level adapts to the incoming naturally light level. From facade to the center of the building there is a progressive light level to achieve a very evenly comfortable ambiance. Next to this the adaptable light systems also ensures an optimal use of energy.


The very specific wishes of the client resulted in taylor-made lighting instruments. The light profiles in the  offices with indirect lighting are designed according the architectural curves of the building. Special ceiling coves are developed to incorporate light and airconditioning to be integrated in the architecture. Lighting is integrated in the facade and frames of the building.


The atrium inside is one of the most striking examples of integration of lighting and architecture. The ceilings on the corridors of the atrium are illuminated with lighting that is completely integrated in the architecture. The illuminated ceilings create a beautiful sense of height. During the day the atrium, with it's glass window ceiling, forms the daylight intaking center of the building. After sunset the atrium forms the beautiful glowing hart of the building. No one in the atrium can resist the urge to stand still and look up and enjoy the spectacle.