Ichthushof Rotterdam; courtyard on top of the metro


The Ichthushof is builded in "De Kop van Zuid, Rotterdam". Erick van Egeraat designed this important and representative area. The project is an combination of architecture and engineering. The very busy urban environment and the metro subway asked for special organizational skills to complete the project successfully.


Light design, engineering and realization

With the light design and the very special light poles Lichtvormgevers needed to meet the estetical requirements of Erick van Egeraat and the limitations of the ground in the Ichthushof. Very high standards were set at the form and finishing of the light poles. Erick van Egeraat designed a very high, twisted, pyramid shaped light pole. All lighting needed to be fully integrated in the poles. And when placed inside the poles the light fixtures could not be reached with a crane or platform anymore for further maintenance, because of the ground being the ceiling of the metro subway. Inside the base of the light poles a light projector is installed and with glass fibers the light is transported to multiple spots that are mounted on the correct height inside the pole to illuminate the walkway. All maintenance can be done in the base of the pole because of the glass fiber components.



With this solution Lichtvormgevers could meet the requirements and realize a successful project in close cooperation with Erick van Egeraat (design), Imtech (Installment) and Valmont (light poles).