Light planf for streets in Ghent


At the beginning of the twentieth century, the working class district was reorganized behind the Vrijdagmarkt. Especially architect Jacob Gustaaf Semeij (1864-1935) left his mark on the houses that were built along the newly constructed Baudelostraat. He bought numerous lots to draw a homogeneous facade row that was an eye-catcher from the Vrijdagmarkt. The citizens' homes were provided with fascinating details and moralistic spells.


In 2008, Lichtvormgevers developed lighting plans for this Baudelostraat and also for the Kammerstraat and Sint Jacobsnieuwstraat. This is part of the integrated lighting plan for the city of Ghent, for which the city won the internationally renowned City-People-Light Award in 2004. The emphasis is mainly on the façade from the plinth (between ground floor and first floor). In this time Ghent was progressive and an example of how you can make the surroundings visible after sunset and use the unique starting points of the city.