Light vision for Merwede in Utrecht


The light vision that Lichtvormgevers wrote for Merwede ensures that the carefully designed, attractive public space at eye level remains visible in the morning, evening and night. Merwede has a unique quality of living, a high quality of stay in the public space, a green and usable roof landscape and a unique cityscape.
The public space is maximally designed as a place to stay, which is necessary in an urban district. Merwede is characterized by pleasant greenery in the car-free, healthy, sustainable and lively city district. The aim is also to achieve the most harmonious possible balance between the well-being of people, flora and fauna. We want to keep the character of Merwede, which makes the neighborhood so attractive during the day, visible and tangible in the evening. We know and want to know that an important part of the use of the city district takes place after sunset. That is why artificial light guides and seduces, surprises and amazes people by setting accents and making the neighborhood visible. In addition, we want to continue to bind the residents of Merwede and Utrecht to the neighbourhood. Strengthen the identity and sense of pride and make living as pleasant as possible.