Moodscapes, VU Amsterdam


Moodscapes is an innovative system in which nature and transparance, light and movement, become visible in the shape of walls. In a unique way Moodscapes provides for the positive effects of visible nature in rooms that have no direct contact with the world outside. Moodscapes are specially usefull in care environments, because people that need care profit extra from the positive effects of nature when they can't go outside.


Moodscapes provide the illusion of a garden during summertime. This can be realized in spaces with no sunlight or windows. The illusion of the outside world is realised by the use of daylight simulation and multiple layers of printed leafs that seem to move in the wind. The use of light and different layers give the moodscapes a three dimensional effect. The soft colors and the green wall creates a calming and relaxing ambiance in the room.


The Moodscapes are developed and realized in the VUmc Dagchirurgisch Centrum in Amsterdam. The twenty meter long green wall flows through different spaces in the hospital and is one of the most eye-cathing features in the architecture. This innovating design is developed by D/DOCK together with Lichtvormgevers.