MS Mode; Strategic cooperation and continously innovation


Strategic cooperation

During the cooperation of Lichtvormgevers and MS Mode light has adapted to the ambiance in the shop continuously to the latest interior designs of MS Mode. And at the same time the use of lighting components has progressed continuously according the latest developments in lighting techniques.


Being an international retail formula with over 450 shops in Europe MS Mode adapts itself continuously to the changing needs of the customer and fashion. During the design phase the designers are constantly tested on their creativity, flexibility, stress resistance, courage and knowledge of the latest lighting innovations. Especially during the last couple of years, the world of lighting has developing rapidly and transformed from an analog to a digital technique. In this rapidly changing world Lichtvormgevers is at it's best. Lichtvormgevers guided MS Mode in making the right decisions in formulas and lighting.


The first in the world to use the Philips CDM-Tm light source

In 2011 Lichtvormgevers was the first in the world to use the CDM-Tm light source of Philips in the MS Mode retail shops. Special designed light fixtures by Lichtvormgevers for MS Mode contained this new light source of Philips. The result was an even more sparkling ambiance and better full-spectrum color rendering capabilities of the light source created the best ever color awareness achieved indoors. The new light source provided an energy reduction of 35% and a reduction in maintenance costs of 50%.


The first in the world to use the Philips LED CrispWhite light source

During 2013, in cooperation with Lichtvormgevers, Philips developed the LED technology CrispWhite. With this technology Philips succeeded in creating a LED source that was capable of producing intens color rendering whilst maintaining sparkling and fresh whites. In the LED technology this is an unique combination and perfectly suitable for a fashion shop.

Through Lichtvormgevers, the MS Mode concept store in Barcelona introduced this technology for the first time in the world. Compared to the CDM technology the quality of light was maintained, but the use of energy was reduced over 35%.


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