Renesse wants to attract people from outside to the seaside resort and retain the visitors for longer. Because an important part of the use of the seaside resort takes place after sunset, the artificial light will have to guide and entice people, but above all it will have to be able to adequately support the various activities in the different seasons. Also, the own residents will have to enjoy using the space and preferably have a sense of pride.


The seaside resort should be inviting and festive in the evening. Vibrant without being loud. The designed plan fulfills these principles and it should therefore be the case that in the evening this atmosphere remains. In addition, the much mentioned 'sun' is an essential aspect of the experience. Even if it is not there. With artificial light the atmosphere of the (setting) sun can be imitated / maintained. By using light sources with a color rendering index (CRI) of >80 there is a significant difference in experience. In addition, tunable white light has been applied. With this, an atmosphere or period of atmosphere such as sunset can be captured even when the weather is less beautiful or when the sunset is already over.