Ziggodome square; safety and experience are key features


Lichtvormgevers was asked to analyse the light design of the Arena Boulevard and "De Passage" and to use this as the starting point for the light design of the Ziggodome square. This square needs an integral approach, with which safety and experience complement and strengthen each other.


The light design makes it possible to change the light level according the activities on the square. Before and after an (music) event the square must be illuminated brightly safety wise. But this illumination may not influence the excitement of visitors waiting for their music event negatively. The surrounding needs to make the wait into an experience.


In the lighting plan a recessed canopy lighting is incorporated, that creates a perimeter around the square and ensures enough safety and reflected light on the square. In case of calamity the light level can be increased in an instance. For the canopy lighting Lichtvormgevers designed, engineered and realized a taylor-made recessed LED line, because no standard solution was available.